Can I take pictures during the ceremony?

We are requesting there be no photos taken during the ceremony. This is a religious ceremony before God and we want all of our guests to be present and living in the moment and not behind their screens! We will make sure to share the photos that our photographer takes with all of our guests as soon as they are made available to us.

What is the closest airport?

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Newark International Airport (EWR)

Can I bring my children to the wedding?

As we do love children, we also love adult time! We want you to enjoy your night out. Make it a date night!

What is the attire?

We are asking that our guests please dress in semi-formal attire. Men in suits and ties, ladies in dresses or pants suits.

Can I bring a guest who is not listed on the invitation?

While we appreciate the love that others want to show us, there is a limited number of seats available so we ask that no one brings a guest not specifically named on the invitation.

What do I do if I have any food allergies or dietary restrictions?

For guests with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions, please send an email as soon as possible to with a subject line of "Food Request".

Will there be parking?

Yes! There will be complimentary valet. Please remember to tip the valet drivers.

How early can I arrive?

All guests can arrive as early as 4:30pm. You will be directed on where to go upon your arrival. Please plan accordingly as the doors will shut as soon as the ceremony begins and there will be no further entry for the remainder of the evening!

I am coming in from out of town. Will there be transportation for me to get to and from the wedding venue?

Yes! Please let us know as soon as you book your hotel room with one of our hotel room blocks so we can be sure to let our transportation company know where to pick you up.

Do I need to bring cash for drinks?

Drinks are on us! Just bring cash to tip the bartenders. You take care of them, they take care of you!