Special Requests

We are requesting that there be no cell phones used during the ceremony. This way, nothing is missed and every moment can be cherished. Once the minister announces that the groom can kiss the bride, feel free to snap away from that moment all the way through until the end of the adult only reception! Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation! Love you all.

The Proposal

Craig being the hopeless romantic that he is, had a full day planned for my birthday but it was actually for him to propose to me. But, no one knew. Craig put together an entire scavenger hunt that had clues leading to different places around Philadelphia that meant something to each or both of us. He had clues all around the city (even the employees of certain locations were in on the surprise!). As we drove around the city, from place to place, it got later in the day until the last clue led us to where we had our first date, Liberty One Observation Deck. There, Craig had gathered all of our families and our closest friends who were there for my surprise birthday party...right?! Wrong!! Right there, in front of all of those who meant the most, Craig got down on one knee and proposed right at sunset. It was PERFECT!!!

The Beginning

Everyone always asks, "so, how did you two meet?" And most people have this wild love story or how they hated each other in the beginning...blah, blah, blah. Our story simply started with floors. Yes, floors. When a contractor meets a girl who needs her floors done, what else can happen but the two falling in love and living happily ever after?!

Aisha Gaskins - Heavenly Maid of Honor
Abbi Goldman - Bridesmaid
Kellin Parker - Bridesmaid
Kiara Brown - Bridesmaid
Stacy Shrieves - Bridesmaid
Teri Powell - Bridesmaid
Jordan Tull-Bailey - Flower Girl
Logan Conix - Flower Girl
Sterling Green - Heavenly Best Man
Bruce "Monty" Renyolds - Groomsman
Chad Jones - Groomsman
Daniel Allen - Groomsman
Vlenale Byrd - Groomsman
Derrick Gray - Caller of the Bride